Nintendo DS Still Outselling 3DS Two To One

It's probably too much to expect that a more expensive new handheld would immediately unseat its predecessor, but I doubt Nintendo is too happy that consumers are buying twice as many DSes as <a href=

The Roundabout Tapes – Could GoSquared put the heat on Chartbeat? (TCTV)

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>Back in Januar

"Like A Toothbrush": Larry Page Live-Google+'s His Own Earnings Call

Today, during the earnings call about <a href="">Google's great Q2 2011 results</a>, CEO <a href="">Lar

Groupon Releases New S-1, Adds 11 Underwriters Including JP Morgan And Allen & Co.

Groupon has filed new S-1 for its IPO where its looking to raise at least $750 million. What's changed from the last one? Well according to Bloomberg's Emily Chang, the daily deals site has added unde Raises $1.5 Million To Give You Personalized Channels Of Online Video

Just glancing at YouTube's <a href="">growth numbers</a>, it doesn't take a ge

It's Plick: Somebody Call Mattel And Get This Guy An Interview (Video)

What is it you ask? <a href="" target="_blank">Plick </a>(as in <strong>P</strong>rogrammable by c<strong>lick</strong>ing your fingers) is a set of connectable, interacti

Larry Page On Android Patent Problems: "There Hasn't Been Any Slow Down"

During the earnings call after Google announced <a href="">their Q2 2011 earnings</a> today, a question was asked about the patent issues surround

Sprint Slashes Nexus S 4G Price To $99.99 On-Contract

Fast, good, or cheap. Most of the time products can only manage to nab two of those three qualities, but with the recent price cut from <a href="">Sprint</a> it l

Google Android Now On 130M Total Devices, With 6B App Downloads

Today during Google's Second Quarter earnings call a lot of focus was put on the success of Google Android, which was put in Larry Page's successful consumer products category. How successful is An

Larry Page: "I Think About Our Products In Three Separate Categories"

Google has just released its earnings statements for Larry Page's first quarter as CEO, to positive results, namely that Google set a revenue record at $9.03 billion for the quarter ended June 30, 201

Sony NEX-7 Prototype Shown In Leaked Picture

Sony's NEX series of mirrorless cameras has gotten fairly positive reviews, and it appears Sony thinks there's room at the top for a hotter model. The NEX-7 (big brother to the NEX-3 and NEX-5) appear

Spotify partners with Klout to get the word out

There’s not much detail on this, but it appears Spotify is partnering with Klout, the social rankings startup, on pushing out its service to the US, which starts today. Spotify is going to have

Larry Page On Google+: Over 10 Million Users, 1 Billion Items Being Shared Per Day

Google CEO Larry Page headlined Google's <a href="">earnings call</a> today and of course revealed some interesting statistics on Google's most re

Android Now Seeing 550,000 Activations Per Day

Fresh off the Google Q2 2011 Earnings Call, Larry Page has just disclosed that Android is now seeing <em>550,000</em> activations per day. That's up from the 500,000 per day number Andy Rubin revea

Spotify reveals the detail behind its US launch

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">Spotify</a>, the European music startup which has garnered 10

The Chrome Niko Is A Weather-Proof Camera Bag

Well-known bag maker Chrome has put out a new camera bag, called (for whatever reason) the <a href="">Niko</a>. It's a slightly strange creatu

Google Back On Track In Q2, Beats The Street With Over $9 Billion In Revenue

Google has just released their <a href="">Q2 2011 numbers</a>, and after a <a href="

ShowWX Projector Gets HDMI Option

I reviewed the ShowWX+ pico projector a while back and pronounced it admirably tiny but problematic image-wise. Whatever the case, though, more input options certainly can't hurt. They've <a href="htt

More Tickets To Our 6th Annual Summer Party At August Capital Are On Sale Now

Our 6th annual summer August Capital Party is almost here! Today we are releasing our next set of 100 tickets. The August Capital Party will be held on the beautiful and sunny Sand Hill Road in Menlo

Google Earnings Day! First, Enjoy The Full 2011 Stockholder's Meeting [Video]

In just about a half hour, Google will announce their Q2 2011 results. After that, at 1:30 PM PT, they'll do their usual Q&A. Thankfully this time, they're going back to YouTube to stream the thin
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