TechCrunch Redesign: The Early Reviews

Since we launched the new TechCrunch redesign, we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from our readers. We even provided a handy copy-and-paste template for your reviews. Some love it, some really hate it. The logo has become a Tetris game. Even Hitler weighed in.

The TechCrunch team is busy following the comments and critiques. While we have gotten a lot of positive feedback, here’s a look at some of the typical negative comments we’ve received:

  • Jesus christ the new techcrunch looks awful! wow i can’t believe they would launch with it looking the way it does. ugggh.!
  • I really hate the redesign, and it’s driving me away from Techcrunch. This is one of my favorite sites, and I tried to work with it, but really have been spending less time here since the change.
  • One word Unsubscribed
  • Absolutely terrible. The real content is just so burried now. I’d be careful about pissing some faithful readers off with this design.
  • What a crap site redesign, TechCrunch layout was better before this new junk, please turn back
  • The reputation of TechCrunch is in pretty grave jeopardy, and if I were an advertiser paying $7,500 a month, I’d be asking why the site I’m advertising on is now the black sheep of the design and tech world.
  • I really don’t understand why this re-design was needed. I loved the old design better and got used to it. Sometimes companies do a re-design just because some internal frustrated Art Director wants to “do something new”. I wonder how many would drink a new re-designed Coke if they decided to re-design the taste. now seriously, what was wrong before? did anyone complaint about the way the site looked? I personally liked it much better before.
  • Maybe it’s because I’m used to the old design, but when I hit the homepage, my eyes don’t know where to go. It’s a bit frustrating.
  • The old design was a showcase of how great a website can look, this just looks plain mediocre
  • Gotta love how Arrington is beta testing on a live site
  • I’m sorry but I think I will only read the feed from now on
  • Just gross… looks like something I’d do, not something you hire a pro designer to do
  • Violates a lot of traditional usability
  • When I read everyone’s comments (and I do, every single one), it makes me hate that techcrunch guy. I mean, really, really hate him.
  • For me TechCruch is all about the writing, the opinion and insight behind the headline, and the original format seemed to reinforce that.
  • Please I beg you guys put back the old design it was clean and not busy
  • The design is ugly. you guys had a great format before
  • I miss the old format dearly — that ease of reading the article direct and simple is sorely missed.

The logo has also been harshly criticized:

  • Like the new design, but not a fan of the new font used in the logo, bring the old one back!
  • Unfortunately, the first logo type was much more elegant.
  • PLEASE go back to the old design. I’m not sure why you changed your logo too
  • It’s a little too white for my tastes (curse you Google!), and I miss the old TechCrunch logo a little (the new one is growing on me though, so ignore that complaint).
  • The only change I don’t like: the logo.

Actually, all these comments are not about the latest TechCrunch redesign. They are earlier reviews to TechCrunch redesigns in 2008 and 2006. The criticism five years ago was so harsh the designer quit and Arrington wrote a post called “I’m an Asshole, and other breaking news.” (Dave, please stay with us!) Compared to those redesigns, the reaction to this one seems pretty mellow.

The website redesign that some commenters really hated 3 years ago turned out to be the same design they are sadly missing today. Some STFU is in order. I have a hunch history will repeat itself with the latest design. And whenever we have our next change, commenters will fondly miss today’s version.

The folks at ZURB have been reviewing TechCrunch redesigns past and present. Here’s their take on the freshly revamped site.

Note: As of now, you can’t see the old comments in the 2008 redesign post. But, we have saved them and hopefully they will re-appear soon.

Here’s a look at our past Designs.