Sony's 3D Experience Brings Free On Demand 3D Programming To Sony Bravia HDTVs

Sony has long been on the front lines of the 3D adaption battle. The latest release is a small, but still important part of the 3D ecosystem as it address the current lack of content. Plus it’s free.

Sony’s 3D Experience is at it’s core a novelty. It’s nothing more than trailers, promotional video clips and trial content. But the service, which is free and accessible with a high-speed internet connection through a Bravia HDTV, allows users to see and experience 3D content as soon as they hook up the TV. It’s instant gratification in 3D!

Previously, owners would be roped into buying a 3D set complete with the experensive 3D glasses only to get the TV home from Best Buy and have nothing to watch in 3D. Now they can hook up the TV, don the glasses, and experience 3D content like the Green Horent trailer, highlights from the FIFA 2011 Women’s World Cup Germany or promo clips from 3net, Sony, Discovery, and IMAX’s 3D station. The plan, at least according to the note we received this morning, is to “further expand the content line-up and promote “3D Experience” among content holders as a forum through which to showcase their 3D offerings”

3D Experinece launches today in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and France and can be accessed only on 3D capable Sony Bravia LCD TVs.