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Virgin Mobile Confirms Price Changes, Will Drop BlackBerry Fees

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Ah, last week — you’re but a distant memory now. Remember that one time when we all hung out and broke the news that Virgin Mobile was shifting up their plan prices, as well as dropping the mandatory $10-per-month fee for BlackBerry users? Yeah. Those were good times.

Virgin Mobile’s reminiscing a bit this morning, stepping back to confirm that the new plans we listed last week are, in fact, the real deal. To jog your memory:

  • The 300 minute plan, which was $25, will now be $35.
  • The 1200 minute plan, which was $40, will now be $45.
  • The Unlimited minute plan, which was $60, will now be $55 (!).
  • All plans still come with unlimited data, texting, and web.
  • BlackBerry users will no longer be charged the $10 a month BlackBerry fee.

These new plans will go live on July 20th.