Microsoft Licenses GeoVector Patents For AR Navigation, Digital Watermarks

GeoVector just announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring their patented AR technology to Windows devices. The company specializes in AR-based navigation and has a special “building recognition” software that can identify sites based on their shape and size. For example, as you see in their patent info, you could point a phone at the capital and identify various buildings and tag them with URLs.

The company currently has an AR-based iPhone app called World Surfer that allows you to hold up a compass-capable phone to any scene and ID points of interest, stores, and restaurants.

According to a release, “Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has entered into a licensing agreement with GeoVector Corporation, the world leader in Augmented Reality and pointing-based local search solutions for mobile devices. The non-exclusive multi-year agreement gives Microsoft rights to use concepts covered by GeoVector’s patents.”