Is Sony Ditching Component Video On Future PS3 Models?

Component video’s glory days are behind it. Sony might even be getting rid of it on future PS3 models. But, if this is true, it’s likely more to do with the Blu-ray’s restrictions than Sony’s hatred of the average consumer.

Kotaku posted a screenshot of what is supposed to be info on a new PS3 release. The important thing to note is the statement that indicates the PS3 will no longer support HD video over component. Instead, consumers are going to have to use HDMI, thus this retailer memo states that the salesmen should sell an HDMI cable every time. (that sounds about right)

As long as Blu-ray has been around, the industry has fought over its DRM scheme. The latest revision, which applies to all players sold after December 31, 2010, states that Blu-ray analog video output must be limited to interlaced standard definition. (480i/576i) Then no player sold in 2013 can output encrypted video over analog sources like component at all. Note: The retailer’s memo doesn’t say that the PS3 will ship without component outputs but rather component outputs will not be able to transmit HD videos and thus probably has to do with the AACS Final Adopter Agreement. That doesn’t mean that Sony won’t drop component support altogether in the future.

HDMI is now the golden child, capable of passing a higher quality video single and HD audio over its one, easy to use cable. Movie studios and the like favor HDMI for its robust DRM support. Where analog video, like component video, can be captured from countless retail devices, it’s notable harder to do so with HDMI. They like the control.