Incase Expands Into Headphones And We Go Ears On

Incase, you know, the bag company is now the bag and headphone company thanks to their just-announced headphone line. This line pushes the company head first into the audio market and, after spending some time with the new cans, we can say it’s a good thing. These are quality kits.

The top of the line, $199 over-the-ear Sonic model features large, memory foam earcups designed to fit flush over your ears for better sound isolation and comfort while a 40mm titanium drive pumps tunes into your head. The $79 Reflex model does away with the memory foam, titanium driver and all the high-end supplies. But we found it still fits well on the head and sounds great.

The $49 Pivot dives even deeper into low-end territory. You can probably get a better set of headphones for $50, but not a set that screams the ’80s like these. The Cpasule earbuds are also available for $49, but sound and feel about right for the price point.

The whole line launches this September for the aforementioned prices and each model will be available in multiple hues. [incase]