Hitler Also Hates Our Redesign

People hate change. People also hate ugly things. It’s up to you to decide what’s been motivating the torrent of redesign hate we’ve received since we decided to change our logo to the Minecraft helicopter or to that Eightbit startup or whatever.

I’ve actually been pretty sick for about two days so I really have no idea what’s going on, except for the fact THAT SOME OF OUR HEADLINES ARE ARBITRARILY SHOUTING NOW and I have to deal with some weird thing on the CMS backend called a “Screamer.” At least we’re still on WordPress.

But you guys are pissed. You know who else is pissed? Hitler, as you can probably glean from the Downfall meme – inspired video above. My favorite part, “I used to love reading TechCrunch. And now I have to soak my eyes in bleach every time.” Close runner up: “Why don’t they just redirect to the Aol homepage?”

Oh and BTW, you guys can stop tipping us that you hate the redesign, we know.

Via: Meemsy