Atlassian's Bonfire Allows Developers To Quickly Test Applications For Bugs

Product development software company Atlassian is releasing a new offering today, called Bonfire, which allows developers to perform rapid-fire testing and reporting of web applications for bugs.

Bonfire, a web plug-in, integrates with Atlassian’s bug and issue tracker JIRA, and essentially allows developers to test web applications and report any bugs while on the same page as the application, without leaving the screen. With Bonfire, developers can submit bugs directly from the browser, add annotated screenshots with each bug, and setup test sessions to track activity against a requirement or user story.

Bonfire users can also create bug report templates to pre-populate meta-data and repetitive content from reporting, and the plug-in works in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE. Bonfire free for 30-days but will then be $10 for 10 users.