The Move Lets You Wear Your iPhone Sans Straps, Look Like Tony Stark

Three things come to mind when I look at the Move, a Kickstarter project that lets you attach an iPhone to your clothes without any sort of straps, velcro, or magnets:

  • “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated.”
  • “The Arc Reactor, from AT&T and Stark Technologies. Now with 3G support and streaming cat videos.”
  • “… what are the odds that I’m cool enough to pull that off?”

So, how does it work: Glue? Jet-packs? Sorcery? It’s actually a bit simpler than that: it’s just good ol’ fashion tension.

First, you hold the Move behind a layer of clothing wherever you want the iPhone to sit. Then you place your iPhone on top of both the layer of clothing and the Move and push it into place, allowing the tension of the Move and that layer of cloth to hold it in place.

We’ll just go ahead and say it: yeah, crammin’ your iPhone into your clothes will make you look like the mega-nerd of mega-nerds — but 10 years ago, so did just owning a smartphone. With short range wireless tech, battery, and display technology all getting harder/better/faster/stronger, wearables are going to be a big part of our future (if not as a primary device, then as a means of interacting with the primary device and your environment), and this is sort of a hacky way to make your iPhone into a sort of psuedo-wearable today. Today’s mega-nerd is tomorrow’s cool kid.

One thing the video doesn’t really touch on where it should have: just how snugly is this thing held in? It’s obviously snug enough for jogging (see 1:37 in the video below), but if my iPhone is going to get an untimely introduction to the cold, hard concrete just because I danced a bit too hard, the idea sort of falls apart.

The guys behind the project say they need $25k to get things moving, of which they’ve currently only raised about $250. As it’s a Kickstarter project, they’re looking to fund it all through pledges; $2 makes you a contributor, $25 gets you a Move, $45 gets you two, with other options available for those looking to kick down some more cash.