"Your Logo Looks Like Tetris!" No, Our Logo IS Tetris

So, what do you think of our redesign so far? Wait, don’t answer that. You already have — thousands of times. The most common refrain seems to be, “love the new site, hate the logo”. But my favorite offshoot of that is the notion that our new logo looks like Tetris. I assume this is meant to be an insult, but I mean, who doesn’t love Tetris?

Anyway, one driven reader decided to take things to the next logical conclusion: he created a version of Tetris using the TechCrunch “T” and the TechCrunch “C”. TCTetris. It’s pure gold.

Great work Amos Haviv (and Dalton Ridenhour), you’ve all but ensured that we’ll get no more posts out today as we attempt to make the T fit into the C over and over again. TCTetris is hard.