Personalized Training Platform Gain Fitness Launches iPhone App

Gain Fitness, a startup that creates personalized workouts based on certified trainers’ expertise, is launching an iPhone app today that allows fitness enthusiasts to access programs on the go. Founded by former Googlers, Gain Fitness launched to give users personal trainer quality exercise without the hassle of researching workouts or booking expensive trainers.

Now you can bring these workouts into the gym with the Gain iPhone app, which costs $2.99 in the App Store. The app features 700-plus exercises (strength, plyometric, callisthenic, yoga), and unique workouts, custom-tailored to you. The startup is also announcing that Crunch Fitness founder Doug Levine has also joined its advisory board.

The new app will create workouts based on free time, fitness level, body, goals and other factors. And the apps will recommends exact exercises, sets, reps, and rests, so tracking is easy. And for those who are using the app for multiple workouts per week, Gain’s app will create a different workout every time to keep things fresh.

The beauty of Gain is that it democratizes the act of having a personal trainer. Hiring a trainer to give you dynamic, tailored workouts can be an expensive task. For $2.99 Gain is giving anyone the ability to access professional, high-quality workouts that are also personalized to your fitness goals, body type and more.