HP Touchpad Already Discounted At Best Buy, Amazon

Such is the life of a device. If you can’t beat ’em, undercut them. That’s just what’s happening at Amazon and Best Buy who both are now selling the Touchpad under it’s MSRP by a fair margin.

The 16GB model is cut by $10 at both retailers, making the price $489.99. The 32GB model is 5% under list at Amazon making it $572.65 while Best Buy just took a clean $20 off resulting in a $579.99 price. Good news for those still on fence, but not so much for those that jumped on the webOS tablet right away.

It seems the retailers are setting these prices and not HP as these are the only two right now with the lower price. The Palmpad is fine device, but it needs something to set it apart from the iPad — like a lower price. [via Phone Arena]