Hashable Turns Inward With A Quiet Redesign

Some people like to broadcast every moment of their lives, but when you are dealing with business contacts that tends to be more of a private activity. Mobile startup Hashable is learning that helping people over-share is not always the right way to go.

The company pushed out a significantly redesigned app for both iPhone and Android which changes the focus to more of a personal mobile CRM app for professionals. You can still use Hashable as a digital replacement for business cards, but instead of encouraging users to broadcast each meeting, the default is now private.

The hash button is now front and center, enticing you to record your meetings. Some of the new features include the ability to add private notes about contacts and set up reminders for yourself that populates your calendar. The address book, which brings in contacts from both email and Twitter, now lists people in reverse chronological order based on your last interactions with them. It also is easier to send follow-up emails or Tweets right from the app.

“The service has really morphed into a mobile CRM,” says CEO Michael Yavonditte. “Our heaviest users preferred more privacy, less broadcasting.”

Despite pushing hard and growing steadily, Hashable only has about 60,000 active users. (Chief marketing officer Emily Hickey recently left the company). The redesign should appeal more to hardcore networkers and other serious users. And now the company plans to make a big push with its Android app (which lets you bump phones to exchange contact information via an NFC chip).

The focus now is very much on helping people manage their business lives rather than boasting about who they #justmet.