Fitview Gives Personal Trainers A Comprehensive Fitness And Coaching Platform

A new startup is launching today in the fitness tech space that aim to help personal trainers better connect with their clients and the general public. Fitview is launching as a comprehensive SaaS for fitness trainers to upload a fitness curriculum, keep track of client progress and more.

With Fitview, which was built by former Apple product architects, personal trainers can create groups for the client base, distribute news, results and updates to groups; schedule and share workouts and events; track attendees and performance; maintain client information; and message clients.

Users can also view and update personal workouts, track individual progress and goals and more. And Fitview comes with both mobile (iOS app) and web capabilities.

For background, Fitview has raised funding from a number of investors including the former CEO of Palm Ed Colligan. Founder Calin Pacurariu was a former director of developer solutions and Treo product manager from Handspring, and a product lead at Apple (his name actually appears alongside Steve Jobs’ on a few patents). And FitView is already being used at a number of gyms including CrossFit.

I think there is actually a need for a platform like Fitview that allows trainers and clients to connect over the web as well as in the gym. For example, I’d love to to be able to access my workout schedule that I have with my trainer on the weekends so I could try to replicate it in my own gym.