Cost-Per-Action Mobile Ad Network Moolah Media Debuts $3M Developer Fund And New Formats

Moolah Media, a recently launched mobile ad network that uses a cost-per-action and cost-per-lead model is launching a number of formats today and announcing a $3 million developer fund to give publishers additional payouts for using Moolah.

The network launched last year allowing advertisers to drive inbound calls directly to a call center, collect signups and registration leads, while also tracking conversions. Moolah promises higher payouts and 100 percent fill rates for publishers, and ads can be placed within apps, on the mobile web or within text messages.

Today, Moolah is rolling three formats that can be used either for display or in-app advertising. With co-registration ads, users register with the mobile app or website, and are then shown a series of highly relevant offers, which they can choose to skip or view. For example, Moolah’s co-registration can also be used to unlock content within a mobile site or game or access an educational deal. eCPMs for co-registration ads range from $200-$400, or $0.25-$0.60 average revenue per user.

Moolah’s notifications display or in-app ads allow users to opt in to receive notifications (either device tray for Android or SMS for mobile web) with status updates and deal alerts. The startup say developers and publishers can expect eCPMs ranging from $8-$15 and recurring ARPUs of $0.05 to $0.20 per month.

Moolah is also offering standard display ads that are targeted based on device type, carrier, category, and other parameters. Using display, developers and publishers can expect 100 percent fill rates and $0.25 to $4.00 eCPMs.

As we mentioned, Moolah is announcing a $3 million developer fund that will offer an additional 33 percent payout for all new publishers and developers that use the new formats. This is on a top of any money earned through the advertising channel.

To me, it seems that Google/AdMob, Millennial or other mobile ad networks could also easily turn on these formats to their massive amount of publishers and advertisers. But the payout should help attract new customers and developers to the network, which could help give Moolah a leg up when these other networks adopt more cost-per-action mobile ad formats.