Citrix Buys for More Than $200 Million; Redpoint Is on a Roll

TechCrunch has learned that Citrix Systems is buying for between $200 million and $250 million. The deal should be announced within the hour. gives companies their own private EC2-like infrastructure. The team has built the company in just a few years, boasting massive clients with demanding infrastructure needs like Zynga, Tata, and other huge undisclosed tech names. was funded by Redpoint Ventures, Nexus Capital and Index Ventures.

Of course the big question is with things going so well, why would Cloud sell? In a Valley where companies are either huge and take forever to build or wind up being a quick flip worth less than $100 million, deals this size have become rare. And closing one just two years after its first venture round having raised just $20 million in funding is even rarer. Perhaps the offer was just too life changing for the entrepreneurs to pass up. Who are we to judge that?

This is another exit for Redpoint Ventures who was the first money in and is having quite a year. Clearwell was bought by Symantec for $390 million. Qihoo went public and is now boasting a $2.5 billion market capitalization. Home Away went public too; it’s now worth $3.3 billion, and Redpoint owns 26% of it. Responsys also went public and is valued at $760 million. Redpoint was the first money in, so although the purchase price isn’t as big, it’s still a nice multiple.