iriver Story HD Becomes The First Google eBooks Ereader, To Be Sold Exclusively At Target

There’s a new ereader in town, gals and pals. The iriver Story HD will soon be available at Target for $139.99. While by all accounts, it’s a fine piece of hardware — 7.3 ounces, first six-inch XGA e-ink screen, SD card slot, WiFi, six week battery life — it’s the Google Books integration that will likely spur sales. This might be the best anti-Kindle/Nook ereader on the market.

Ereaders need access to a massive book marketplace to be successful. The Kindle has Amazon and the Nook B&N. The iriver Story HD is no different. However, instead of having a marketplace named after a famous bookseller, the new ereader uses Google eBookstore. This newish Google service uses the cloud for easy and convenient book storage, which allows multiple devices to share content much like the Kindle’s Whispersync.

This device marks a big milestone for Google. It’s the first dedicated ereader on the market for Google eBooks although the service is currently available on 80 Android and iOS devices. The new ereader might have a bit of trouble selling when placed next to the less expensive Kindle on Target shelves, but it is technically a stronger, more versatile device, which will likely ring true with a certain demographic.

The iriver Story HD will hit Target stores this coming Sunday, July 17 for the aforementioned $139.99.