The Onkyo BD-SP809 Blu-ray Player: 3D, Netflix, And A Lovely THX Certification

Once upon a time, buying a high-end audio or video device often meant sacrificing otherwise standard consumer features. Instead of a quality remote, you’d get fancy interior audio circuity. Instead of an on-screen GUI, the player would weigh 30 lbs. Such was the life of a fine media connoisseur. That trend is quickly fading, though.

Onkyo just announced its latest flagship Blu-ray player: the $599 BD-SP809. This bad boy comes complete with 3D capabilities and a fancy-pants THX Blu-ray certification. It packs a USB port for media playback and an Ethernet port for local DLNA 1.5 support and online streaming services such as Netflix, Blockbuster, Film Fresh, and VUDU. Got to love that.

Around back there are twin HDMI outputs for multiple display support, component output, TOSLINK & digital coax outputs, and, of course, an RS-232 port of home automation integration. Marvell’s Qdeo technology handles the 1080p upscaling, noise reducing and deinterlacing. Yeah, this boy is packed and stacked with the latest Onkyo tech.

The BD-SP809 should hit Onkyo retailers this coming August with an MSRP of $599, which is quite a good deal when compared to its nearly identical Integra cousin. The Onkyo features the same THX certification, but sports one more HDMI port and the online media streaming support. The Integra on the other hand has a more powerful power supply, analog 7.1 audio outputs, but also a $100 higher prices tag. I’d much rather drop that cash on some Blu-ray discs.