CardFlick Debuts Location-Based Mobile Professional Contact Sharing App

Mobile app CardFlick is launching in private beta today as a proximity-based business card sharing application. The startup’s iOS app allows you to upload your professional information wither manually or from Facebook, into a sleek digital business card.

Once the card is personalized users can then share individually to contacts (via email) or can access others who have downloaded the app at an event. Basically, CardFlick will show you others in your area who you can share your business information with. When you’ve shared your digital business card with a contact, CardFlick will store a record of where and when you met. Additionally, when a user updates their contact information on CardFlick, everyone they have connected with is automatically updated as well.

Digital business card sharing isn’t really new but the idea of sharing your professional contact information with those who are in close proximity could be a compelling addition to any networking or business event. CardFlick could partner with event organizers to create a branded app for event participants to share their contact info.