What Do Facebook T-Shirts Look Like In Seattle?

Why they have the Seattle Space Needle on them of course! Our illustrious model here is none other than Philip Su, the main (and only full-time) Facebook engineer behind the Facebook/Skype Video Calling announced today.

While the Facebook Seattle T-shirts have been around for nine months, Facebook has been pushing its Seattle team lately, with Zuckerberg giving the infamous “Awesome” announcement at a Q&A at the Facebook offices. Established in August 2010, the Seattle office houses around 40 people including former Myspace exec Hadi Partovi and is helmed by Ari Steinberg who may or may not have designed the shirts.

Fun fact: Because the project itself was video calling, Su told me that he didn’t really have to leave Seattle very much in order to communicate with the Skype team in Palo Alto, and both teams performed the ultimate dogfooding. All in all completion took six months and 20%-30% of the time of three other Seattle engineers Su told me.

Other fun fact: Yes, Facebook is planning on sending a shirt to my boss and fellow Washington resident Michael Arrington.

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