Skype Averaging 300M Minutes Of Video Calling Per Month; Represents 50 Percent Of Traffic

Skype CEO Tony Bates just took the stage at today’s Facebook event announcing integrated video calling, group chat and new design today and revealed a number of new stats regarding video calling on the VoIP platform. Bates said that Skype users are averaging 300 million minutes per month of video calling. Bates says that 50 percent of Skype’s traffic is video calling.

Back in December, Skype told us that video calling represented 40 percent of all Skype calls, so clearly the interaction with video is growing.

As Bates tells members of the press of the Facebook-Skype integration, For us we think this makes a lot of business sense. Thinking about having Skype paid products on the web. We look forward to bringing video calling powered by Skype on Facebook to every one of you out there.

Bates expects the Facebook integration to considerably increase video calling traffic for Skype.

You can read more about the recently announced Skype-Facebook integration here. And you can also see Skype’s mobile video strategy here.