Kid-Tested, Grant Imahara Approved: Hexbrite Open Source Flashlight

You know you’ve got a winner when Mr. Mythbuster himself, Grant Imahara, is actually excited about your product. The Hexbrite is an open source flashlight that comes in 350 and 500 lumens models. It’s USB rechargeable and, oddly, USB programmable. What does that mean? Nothing, yet, but the idea is pretty cool.

Why do I need a programmable light? What can I do with that? I don’t know yet. And that’s the point. I want to release the HexBright Flex into the wild and let the community develop original source code. I want to see how brilliant (pun intended) people can be and supply an outlet ( where folks can swap and share lighting code. I’m not fundraising just to make creative lights, I want to build online creativity.

For $60 you get the 500 LM model and a t-shirt as well as USB cable for programming your light (the smaller light is $30). $270 gets your four lights with laser etched monograms right on the aluminium case. They’re well past their $31,000 goal so you’re certain to at least get something cool so pop over and take a look.