Sony's Tablet-Related Rube Goldberg Weirdness Continues

The new Sony S1 and S2 tablets are coming at things from a rather different direction, in both design and promotion. The dual-screen and wedge-shaped form factors, as well as the Playstation branding, set them apart from the other guys… and these super-weird but intriguing ads are quite unique as well.

The Rube Goldberg ad has a long and illustrious history (“Cog” being the one most impressed on my memory), and these are pretty ingenious, as they often are. I’m not sure I’m “getting” them (there’s some Engrish lurking in there), but perhaps it will become clear in the next three installments? There’s plenty of time, since they don’t come out until September.

Here’s the first, if you missed it.

[via Electronista]