Rumor: 15 Million Apple iPhone 5s Set To Ship In September

While rumors surfaced a couple weeks back suggesting that Apple had two new iPhone models in the works, at least one thing is for sure: Pegatron Technology, a notebook maker in line to supply parts for the upcoming iPhone, has been given a 15 million-unit order for the iPhone 5, with shipping to start in September 2011.

If the earlier dual-model rumors weren’t bogus enough, this news leaked by sources within upstream component suppliers should silently put the final nail in that coffin full of hopes and dreams. DigiTimes, which broke the news, has referred to the forthcoming Apple flagship as both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S, which doesn’t exactly shed much light on whether the next-gen iPhone will sport a new look, or merely updated guts.

DigiTimes did note, however, that the new iPhone “does not seem to have any major updates from iPhone 4,” according to unnamed sources. Earlier reports promise hardware adjustments like an edge-to-edge screen, whereas Apple’s track record has been to release identical hardware with faster internal components, much like the 3GS. There’s no telling at this point what our newest iPhone will look like, but we’re glad to see that at least 15 million of them are on their way.