Microsoft Signs Patent Agreement With Wistron For Android And Chrome Products

Cue Queen. Microsoft, everyone’s favorite proprietor of Android-related patents, just signed an agreement with ODM Wistron Corporation to cover its line of Android and Chrome OS products. Of course like the other similar agreements, the details were not announced.

Wistron is an original design manufacturer that designs and manufacturers products for other companies. This deal might be one of the more lucrative agreements for Microsoft as Wistron, much like the well-known Foxconn, makes an unannounced amount of products. Brands and OEMs then buy the unlabeled products and slap their logo on the bottom. Wistron and other ODMs keep the electronic world turning.

Microsoft’s presser notes that this deal covers Wistron’s Android and Chrome products. “Wistron’s tablets, mobile phones, e-readers and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome platform” it says. Microsoft has already successfully managed to strong-arm Android makers. Chromebook makers might be next.