Leaked Roadmap Outs 4G Touchpad For August, Pre 3 And "Opal" In Fall

The TouchPad is here (we reviewed it), but it’s far from done. There are more varieties of the webOS tablet to hit, to begin with, and we’ve heard that a 7-inch version is on its way as well. Then, there’s the Pre 3, which was supposedly hitting in July. These vague visions of the future have all been cast in perfect clarity by this allegedly leaked roadmap document.

Obviously you can see the information right there at the top of the article, so this text is somewhat redundant, but hey. According to the doc found by Pre Central, we’ll be seeing both AT&T 4G and 64-gig flavors of the original TouchPad later this summer, in August to be precise (though it’s not clear whether that’s shipping or announcement timing). Then come autumn, we’ll have the mysterious “Opal” device, speculated with good reason to be that 7-inch device. I’m really interested in that, personally; webOS was designed with screen real estate efficiency in mind, so it’s a nice match — better than the Android 2.2 on those 7″ Galaxy Tabs at any rate. The Pre 3 is supposed to hit in the fall as well.

I’m definitely most excited about that mini-TouchPad. I think we all know the Pre series is a dead end at this point, which isn’t a pleasant thing to admit, but it’s true. The Pre 3 should have