HTC Status and LG Thrill 4G To Hit AT&T This Month?

Sometime in the last year or so, the carriers picked up a bad new habit. They’d announce that they were getting a phone, talk all about the specs… but then give no indication of when it might actually be available. Maybe it’s because they don’t like making promises they’re not sure they can keep; maybe it’s because they’re hoping that a second announcement — the one containing the pricing/availability details — will stir up a second whirlwind of press. Whatever the motivation, it’s terribly annoying.

Take the Status and the glasses-free 3D LG Thrill for example. The Status just went official last week. The Thrill 4G, however, went official way back in March — and yet, there’s still no official launch date for either of them.

If the snap up above (purportedly pulled from an internal memo from… somewhere. Oddly, this same memo contained launch info for devices from multiple OEMs, across multiple carriers. What is this witchcraft?) obtained by Android Central is legit, we’ve at least got a down-to-the-month idea of when to expect these two handsets: July. Yep! Sometime this month you’ll be able to use the Thrill 4G’s glasses-free 3D feature one time and then forget it exists on a handset of your very own!