Motorola Droid 3 Dummies Crash Into Verizon Stores, Signaling An Impending Launch

Dummy units! If you’ve ever gone into a phone store to check out the latest-and-greatest only to find unusable plastic look-a-likes in their place, you’ve just had a run-in with a dummy.

The Droid 3 is the latest handset to get the mock-up treatment, with Verizon stores around the country receiving their dummy units this morning. Now, the Droid 3’s launch date is still a mystery to anyone outside of VZW’s HQ — fortunately, these things don’t tend to trickle into stores too long before their fully-functional equivalents. Previous whispers pinned the Droid 3 launch on mid-July, and the arrival of these dummies definitely solidifies that possibility.

On a side note: based on how many dummy units I’ve seen torn to bits or smashed at the hinge, I’m completely convinced that there’s an underground group of rebels and outlaws whose only goal is to go around and destroy dummy units without mercy or hesitation. Or just a ton of kids who haven’t been taught that it’s not cool to break other people’s crap.

[Via AndroidCentral]