Homeless Man Arrested For Using Private Outlet To Charge Phone

Clearly, theft is wrong. But what about that ethical grey area? You’ve heard the example before: the man with no job steals bread for his family to survive. Wrong or right? I’d have to lean toward the “right” side, although that doesn’t make the situation fair for the baker, who just lost a loaf of bread. So what would you say if the father was a 23-year-old homeless American named Shaun Fawster, his family was his smartphone, and the bread was electricity to feed it? Still kind of ok, but also still unfair?

The police in Bangor, ME saw things to be pretty black and white when they came across Fawster with not one, but two phones plugged into a private building, hidden behind some flowers. Of course, the theft of electricity charge was probably just a cherry to top off his possession-of-a-concealed-weapon sundae. Fortunately for him, the weapon-wielding, phone-charging Fawster has been released on bail from the Penobscot County Jail.

I realize that his hidden weapon kind of incriminates him from that point on, but if we just set that aside, is it all that wrong to grab a little juice from an outlet when you’re on the go? I’ve never worried about police closing in on me when I pop into a Starbucks to get my charge on. But maybe I should.

[via Cellular News]