Windows Phone 7 Mango To Bring Front-facing Camera Support?

Oh man! That girl you met in the hostel in Prague wants to video chat. It’s like 2 a.m there! This can only be good! HIGH FIVE!

Wait. No. No high-five. I TAKE MY HIGH FIVE BACK. You’ve only got a Windows Phone 7 handset. They don’t having front-facing camera support, much less video chat support. Sad trombone.

Fortunately, it looks like a fix is on the way. Well, sort of. Anyone who already has a Windows Phone 7 handset won’t benefit much from this (for obvious, lacking-a-camera-on-the-front reasons), but a few developers have dug through the most recent build of the WP7 Mango update and have found all sorts of evidence that Microsoft’s up-and-coming update might natively support front-facing cameras. The most damning evidence: that circled icon above lurking about in the camera app.

[Via WPCentral]