Unlocked, SIM-Free Nokia E6 Goes Live On Amazon's Site For $439

The Nokia E6 saw a $7 price-cut as it became available today on Amazon’s site, listed at $439 instead of its pre-order price of $446. The unlocked, SIM-free phone is available and in-stock, and shipping is free from Amazon. The unbranded Nokia E6 will work with both AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks, and with a pentaband 3G radio on board, the E6 can get 4G support, too.

This business-class smartphone is Nokia’s first Symbian device to sport the BlackBerry form-factor with a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen. There have been mixed feelings over the combination, as some feel that the touchscreen may be somewhat useless in such a small size (2.4-inch 640×480). On the other hand, message-centric users (especially enterprise customers who constantly email) will probably enjoy the speed a physical QWERTY offers.

Other specs include the Symbian Anna OS powered by a 600MHz processor, a big step down from the upcoming girly-named phones we’ve been hearing about, 8GB of internal storage space, microSD card support, and an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and HD video capture in 720p.

[via Unwired View]