Tictacti secures funding to take on Heyzap in game aggregation

A lot of companies would like to get on the flash games bandwagon but have no core competency to do it. Out of Israel is a new white label solution called Tictacti. The startup has also now raised a $500,000 round led by Kima Ventures and other undisclosed investors. To date the startup has pulled in $1.6m in funding so far.

Tictacti plans to compete with existing players Mochi Media and heyzap, with a platform which enables games developers to monetize their games on Mobile, Web or IPTV with one API/SDK or, in the case of Flash based games. BUt the crucial aspect here is that they can do it without needing to use the the API.

Ultimately the idea is to be a large game publisher aggregator across the web, social networks, mobile, Game Consoles and IPTV and a one stop shop solution for developers.

So far Nike, Starbucks, Proctor & Gamble, and others are using TicTacTi by loading up their rich media content and garnering ad revenue as a result.