Skype For Android Gets Video Chat Support On (Very) Select Handsets

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When it comes to doin’ video stuff on Android, things can get a bit.. complicated — especially when that video is streamed. That’s why just about every video app to launch on Android is launching on but a handful of handsets at a time. Netflix initially launched on five. Hulu launched on six. This morning’s somewhat-limited-launch? Skype 2.0 for Android.

Though it’s not streaming video in the same sense as the rest, two-way video chattin’ is just as — if not way more — complex. The first batch of supported devices is made up of just four handsets: HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and the Google Nexus S. Kind of a weird selection (No DROIDs? No Thunderbolts? No EVOs?)… but hey, gotta start somewhere, right?