Jive: 53 Percent Of Execs Believe They Must Adopt Social Business Or Risk Falling Behind

Social enterprise giant Jive is releasing a study today, called the Jive Social Business Index, which surveyed 902 US-­‐based executives at large and mid-sized companies on their views of social in the enterprise.

The study revealed that Social Business is increasingly perceived as a strategic executive imperative in the enterprise, with 78 percent of the executives surveyed admitting that having a social strategy is critical to the future success of their businesses.

Specific findings include:

  • Sixty-­‐six percent of executives believe that social applications for business represent a fundamental shift in how work will get done.
  • Fifty-­‐three percent of executives believe they must adopt Social Business or risk falling behind.
  • 57 percent anticipate “increased revenue or sales” as a result of implementing a Social Business strategy.
  • Seventy percent of executives and 51 percent of millennials have downloaded at least 1 web-­‐based application for work use either on their mobile device or personal computer.
  • Fifty-eight percent of executives and 58 percent of millennials did not seek or receive permission from a systems administrator or an IT professional before downloading or using apps in the workplace.
  • Eighty-nine percent of executives, 88 percent of millennials and 76 percent of general knowledge workers believe that they and their teams would be more productive if they could dramatically reduce the time spent writing and reading emails.

The findings aren’t earth shattering but interesting considering that more and more companies are looking to add social to their in-house communications.