Get Posting With Gorgeous New Tumblr iPhone App

If you are part of the Tumblr Nation, and a growing number of you are, then you will want to download Tumblr’s new iPhone app, redesigned from the ground up with a new interface. It loads up your Tumblr Dashboard stream, but the post button brings up six simple icons for each post type: text, photo, link, quote, audio, and video.And then, of course, you can post photos or videos right from your phone.

New features include support for multiple Tumblogs, landscape editing, replying to messages, and saving drafts. It also taps into your address book on your phone to help you find other people to follow on Tumblr. And new users can sign up right from the mobile app.

It looks gorgeous, and it is a fully-featured mobile blogging app (with photo-sharing!). I love the recording feature too that uses your phone’s mic for audio posts. What more could you ask for?

More details on the Tumblr blog.