While We Await The Native App, The Google+ iPhone Mobile Web App Is Pretty Solid

After the big launch today, some of those lucky enough to get a Google+ invite were still left out in the cold a bit: iPhone users. You see, while the Google+ Android app was there ready to go on day one, the iPhone app remains in review with Apple. But fear not iPhone users, there is a little hidden gem you may not know about: a mobile web version of Google+ that works great in Safari.

If you simply point your iOS Safari browser to plus.google.com, you’ll find a solid web app written in HTML5. You can’t do quite everything you’ll be able to with the native app, such as Huddle (group chat). But it the main parts of the Google+ functionality are there. Stream, Photos, Circles, Profile, and Notifications appear in the main menu.

And there are actually some other unique features, such as the ability to check-in to a venue and see Google+ message from users nearby to your current location.

The app is solid enough that it might be acceptable as a native app replacement if it did actual notifications. Alas, that’s not possible. And that will be a big part of the Google+ iPhone app, especially with the revamped notifications coming in iOS 5. There are mobile web notifications that are pretty nifty (a red box in the upper right corner), but you have to have the app open to see them, obviously.

Below, find some pictures.