Dropbox Grabs Another Googler, Ramsey Homsany, For Exec Role

Storage startup Dropbox has hired Ramsey Homsany as it’s General Counsel. Homsany is a long time Google lawyer. He joined the company in 2003 and was most recently the deputy general counsel of the commercial group. The 100 or so internal lawyers that reported to him dealt with Google’s various commercial and partnership relationships.

That experience is what Dropbox needs right now, CEO Drew Houston told me today. The company is inking lots of partnerships, for example. And huge growth is on the way.

“Hundreds of millions of people will be moving their hard drives to Dropbox in the coming years,” says Houston, “and we’ll be pioneering a new legal and policy frontier.”

Hyperbole? Maybe. But Dropbox is growing like crazy. They’ve more than doubled their staff since the beginning of this year to 65 full time employees. They already have more than 25 million users, and they’ll be in the billion dollar valuation club as soon as they decide to raise a new round of financing.

This isn’t the first exec the company has stolen from Google. Head of product Jeff Bartelma, a former Google product manager, joined the company late last year.