Beyonce beats out Coldplay in Glastonbury social media buzz

Forget the awkward moment between TV presenters Zane Lowe and Lauren Laverne. What you really want to is who were the top top artists on social media during Glastonbury – right?

Social media monitoring company Brandwatch tracked the online buzz surrounding the Glastonbury festival for the week leading up to it, from Monday 20th June, tracking 56k mentions between Monday and Friday lunchtime before a chord had been played at the festival, to the end of Beyonce’s set on Sunday night.

The final count of mentions was 169k and the highest number of mentions was during Beyonce (could it have been the Loew/Laverne incident? Could be…), peaking at 39294k compared to around 20k during Coldplay’s Friday night set. Oh dear Coldplay (or maybe people were just too into the music?).

The only brand name mentioned with any significance was for Orange with their sound charge t-shirts and their Glasto app. So not a bad idea to concentrate on creating that.

Another highlight in the wordcloud was Kate Moss who was turned away from the ‘secret’ Pulp gig.

Mud was also mentioned 3602 times – of course.

Positive sentiment for the festival grew stronger throughout according to Brandwatch’s tracking. Overall it was 47% positive 3% negative and 50% neutral (usually people passing around news)

By far the most “buzz” was on Twitter – 135,000 of the 169,000 mentions of Glastonbury was on Twitter, but Brandwatch also tracked Facebook, Youtube, and media sites.

Oh, you’re really just interested in that awkward moment between Zane Lowe and Laurene Lavern? Ok, Ok, here it is again: