SearchBBM Helps You Find Long-Lost BBM-Using Friends

A new start-up has popped up out of Tel Aviv called SearchBBM, and it could save BlackBerry users a few bucks on their SMS bill each month. Basically, SearchBBM lets you find other BBM users through Facebook or through their username.

It seems like SearchBBM has plans to add other social networks to the mix eventually. All you do is visit and log in through Facebook. From there, you can view all of your Facebook friends who use BBM and get access to their pin.

The only problem is that your friends on Facebook have to sign up on SearchBBM for you to find them. Since it’s a start-up and not many people are signed up, using SearchBBM can make you feel like you’re in an empty room. However, if the service picks up and gains some traction with BlackBerry users, you could save a couple bucks finding friends who use BBM, too.