The Infinite Loop Tablet Holder: Actually A Cool Idea

Another day, another Kickstarter project. This time we have the Infinite Loop (lawsuit pending), a unique, looping tablet stand that allows you to stick your iPad, Kindle, or Xoom in almost any position – even over a car headrest.

We then set about working through many different concepts and through this process it was found that the more versatile the design became, the more simple the form ended up.


It can be easily bent to any shape while having the strength and rigidity to hold up a heavy iPad using patented co molded metal and plastic.

The loop bends and folds to your whims and can roll up into a little cinnamon bun when not in use. A Mini version will be available for for phones. Think of it as a GorillaPod without the little balls.

You can get the Mini Loop for a pledge of $19.99 and an Infinite Loop (the bigger one) for $35. $75 gets you both in handsome black. A clever idea, to be sure, and maybe worth a second look.

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