Rumor: Droid 3 To Hit Best Buy In Mid-July?

Alright, fair denizens of the Interwebs: put on your skeptics hat and polish up that ol’ grain-of-salt, because this one’s kinda shaky.

Android fan site Droid Attic nabbed the above shot of what looks to be Best Buy’s internal inventory listing for the Motorola Droid 3. According to the listing, the in-stock date (which in many cases means the day the products arrive, generally one day before it’s put on the shelves) is set for July 13th. If everything comes together, that means the Droid 3 could very well be on sale by July 14th or 15th.

So what’s shaky about this? First, this is the first we’re hearing of Droid Attic; we won’t hold that against’em, but we can’t vouch for their accuracy. Second, these inventory dates aren’t exactly set in stone — especially not 2+ weeks out. In many cases, the dates put in when the listing is created are placeholders, often only getting swapped out for the actual date a day or two before the products hit the delivery trucks. In the end, it’s entirely feasible that the Droid 3 will hit the shelves in Mid-July… just don’t get your heart set on it yet.