Google Health Creator Adam Bosworth On Why It Failed: "It's Not Social"

After several years languishing in the backwoods of Google’s server farms, Google Health got its plug pulled today. Why did the ambitious project to record your health record online and help you research your every ailment fail? I asked this to Adam Bosworth, the former Googler who originally created Google Health, a few weeks ago when he was in the TCTV studio to talk about his new health startup Keas.

In a sentence, he said, “It’s not social.” In the video clip above, we talk about why Google Health never seemed to go anywhere. Bosworth says the problem was that “Google didn’t push to see what could they do that people would want. They basically offered a place to store date, but people don’t want a place to store data.”

Bosworth has learned that you have to make things fun to motivate people. Even healthcare. “If it’s not fun, it’s not social, why would they do that?” he asks. “Yes, they want to be healthy, but they want more than that. They want the encouragement and even the pressure of friends.”