Math Geeks, Rejoice! The Desmos Graphing Calculator Is Here, It's Online And It's Free

One of my favorite demos at Disrupt NYC was from an education startup called Desmos that is reinventing the whiteboard to make it browser-based and interactive (watch their Disrupt video below).

One of the killer features of the Desmos Whiteboard is an interactive calculator that graphs equations as you write them. (Founder Eli Luberoff was a double math and physics major at Yale). Desmos has now taken that and rewritten it as a standalone online graphing calculator. It instantly draws the equations as you update them, it’s free, browser-based, color-coded, and you can share any graph with a bitly link.

You will never have to buy a Texas Instruments calculator again (do they still make those?)

Desmos closed an $800,000 seed round the day before Disrupt NYC from Mitch Kapor, Learn Capital, and Kindler Capital.