Apple Is Now Pimping Square's iPad App In A How-To Video

It looks like Apple and Square are even more cozy after the Cupertino based company started featuring the mobile payments startup’s devices in Apple’s retail stores and site a few months ago. Now, Apple is promoting Square in its “how-to’ podcasts for iPad users.

The Apple-produced free Podcast video recommends features and applications to help users perform business functions on their iPad. For Square specifically, Apple recommends the payments product to help users process cash or credit card transactions right on iPad.

The video itself features Square’s new iPad app, Square Register, a high-powered point of sale replacement for cash registers and point of sale terminals.

The fact that Square is being sold by Apple is a win for the company, but it’s important to note that Apple also sells other mobile payments technology such as VeriFone’s card reader. What’s interesting is that Apple is choosing to recommend Square as a sales transaction product over other mobile payments products. That’s a big deal.

To say that Square is on a roll is probably an understatement. Square, which is processing $3 million in payments per day, is reportedly raising $50 million-plus in new funding at a whopping $2 billion valuation. And the company just added Vinod Khosla and Larry Summers to its board.