Video: The Nokia N950, Or The MeeGo Phone You'll Never Have

When product shots of the Nokia N9 leaked out on Monday, something caught us a bit off guard. No, it wasn’t that it was runnin’ MeeGo — nor was it the device’s funky Salmon-pink hue. The weird bit? It didn’t have a keyboard.

For months now, whispers and leaks around the rumor mill pinned the N9 as a MeeGo-powered device with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. As it turns out, that was the N9 at some point. Sometime in the last few weeks, however, the-device-formally-known-as-N9 became the N950, and Nokia decided it would only be made available to MeeGo developers.

Want to see the dev-only device in action? Take a gander behind the jump.

Shout out to the guys at the Czech site MobileNet for digging up an N950 so quickly: