GameSalad Now Supports HTML5 On Game Creation Platform

GameSalad, formerly Gendai Games, offers a simple game creation tool that allows non-programmers to build, develop and publish 2D casual games games for the web and iPhone and iPad. Today, the startup is announcing the availability to publish games using HTML5.

For background, GameSalad allows developers to design, publish and distribute original games for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Web without needing to write a line of code. To date, 160,000 developers have used GameSalad to create 18,000 titles in the iTunes App Store including more than 40 top 100 U.S. Games in Apple’s App Store.

So why is HTML5 support important? GameSalad is one of the first game creation platforms to offer HTML5 publishing, and thus makes it extremely simple for users to share games to all the platforms that don’t support Flash games (i.e. Apple).

Steve Felter, CEO of GameSalad, says that the benefit of HTML5 published games also extends to the developer, improving the reach of games to a variety of platforms, browsers and devices.

With the new HTML5 publishing platform, each game has a unique embed code, which allows it to be embedded and played on both websites (we’ve embedded a GameSalad game below) and within apps. In addition, games can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

GameSalad has raised over $7 million in funding.