The Name Says It All

It’s no secret that game companies like Zynga have many of their mechanics — be it the initial walkthrough or payment process — down to a science. But for the so-called “long tail” of developers, finding or building the requisite tools is far from trivial.

Game Analytics is a startup that’s looking to level the playing field, by giving all developers game-specific analytics tools similar to those being used by the big dogs. The startup is currently in private beta, with plans to launch publicly in the next five months or so. For the time being you can request an invite from their homepage.

Game Analytics won’t be alone in this space — we’ve extensively covered Mixpanel, a real-time analytics company that can track any sort of data in realtime, and is already being used by some large game developers, including Slide. Kontagent is another service with powerful stat-tracking features.

So what makes Game Analytics different? CEO and cofounder Morten Wulff says that because the company is focused exclusively on games, it will be able to offer some features that more general solutions don’t, like preset settings depending on the game engine (like Unity 3D) or genre a developer is working on.

The service will also offer QA testing features, like automated crash reports that identify when and where a game is failing. Other features already available or in the works: the ability to A/B test different layouts and real-time updates on key metrics.

We’ll follow up once the company is ready for its public launch.