Tokyoflash Goes Rogue With The Kisai SR2

Traditionally, Tokyoflash has offered watches without LCD screens. Focusing instead on LEDs, their watches usually lit up and glowed rather than maintained a standard time registration familiar with fans of standard LCDs. But that’s all changed, now, hasn’t it?

The $179 Kisai SR2 Rogue features a selection of colored faces and uses a hybrid LCD/LED design. The LED lights the face while the LCD displays the time, a welcome respite from Tokyoflash’s traditionally bright and shiny faces.

Reading the time on Kisai Rogue SR2 is simple but creates a sense of mystique to the uninformed.

The inner ring of blocks represents hours, the gap in the ring shows the current hour, as on a clock face. The ring of large blocks represents approximate minutes, the position of the gap shows the current approximate minutes. The outer ring of small dots represents exact minutes, every fifth dot being slightly smaller to distinguish five minute groups. Just look where the gaps are!

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