TechCrunch is heading to MLOVE, the TED for Mobile

I’ve been to just about every tech conference in Europe now (bar the dull corporate IT ones, which I avoid) but one I haven’t hit yet is MLOVE Confestival (June 29th to July 1st). This is held just outside in Berlin, at 19th century castle in the former Eastern Germany.

This year there is more incentive for TechCrunch to cover it, since there wil be a startup competition on the main stage in front of 200 mobile industry luminaries.

Something of a ‘TED for Mobile’ , MLOVE is billed as a “conference meets festival” and attracts 200 mobile sector gurus (an I mean gurus since ticket prices run at around €1,500).

The startup jury will be chaired by Andrew Scott, a veteran of mobile start-ups and co-founder of Rummble. Joining him will be Jean Schmitt of Sofinnova Partners and Daniel Graf, Director of Google Apps Lab, and myself.

Other attendees and speakers will include Thorsten Dirks, CEO of E-PLUS, Russell Buckley, Kei Shimada, CEO Infinita, Peter Vesterbacka CMO Angry Birds, Thomas Goetz Executive Editor, Wired US, and many more. Looking forward to it.